Loan | Use Your Possessions To Bolster Your Finances In The New Year

Finding A Short Term Loan

Short-term loan. The New Year has arrived and the flurry of Christmas spending is over, but for many of us the lingering effects of splashing out on extravagant gifts, lavish parties and decadent food will still be with us. So, it’s worth thinking about how you can get your finances back in order now 2013 is upon us.

I’ve put together a quick list of some simple ideas to help ease the extra strain caused by seasonal spending using things you already own.

Use your possessions to secure an online loan

Diamonds, gold, fine jewellery, designer watches and antiques – to name but a few – can be used to secure a short-term loan online. Sometimes, this kind of financing can be a better choice than selling your belongings outright. Here’s why:

• Provided you repay your loan, you can keep your possessions – this is perfect if the item in question has sentimental value
• You can use the same possession to secure another loan or sell in the future
• You’ll receive an accurate valuation (as long as you use a reputable provider, that is!) so you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal
• No credit checks
• You can receive your loan within 24 hours of it being approved

Loan – Local market stalls

Secure a short-term loan from a Pawnbroker ShopYou may have been thoroughly spoilt over the Christmas season, but it is fairly likely that you will have received at least a few gifts that you don’t really want – it happens to us all. Instead of hanging on to these out of sheer politeness, you can put them to use to help recoup some of your seasonal spending.

As a quick caveat, it’s best not to do this with anything that might have sentimental value – for instance, if a family member has passed on an heirloom.

There are several ways you can sell your unwanted Christmas gifts. You could, for example, take up a stall at a local market – provided you have plenty to sell. Or, if you have fewer items, you could simply take them along to an event like this and see if any of the stallholders would be interested in selling them for you.

As a brief tip, it’s worth taking a good look around your property to see what else you can include in this. After all, the New Year is the perfect time to de-clutter with a spring clean, so you may as well sell, rather than simply discard, any possessions you no longer want or need.

So, pick out any books you don’t want, old toys the kids have grown out of, and ornaments that have spent the last few years packed in boxes. There’s no need to be super-selective about what you sell – after all, the worst that’ll happen is you’ll end up taking something home again – but do make sure everything you offer is in good condition. Otherwise, you might off potential buyers.

Use online auction sites

Of course, you may not have the time or inclination to man a stall – even just on a temporary basis. But, online auction sites (like eBay) are good alternatives.

Using these, you can sell your unwanted gifts and old possessions without having to freeze in the process. It’s worth remembering you need to be timely with your posting to avoid getting bad ratings, though, so it’s a good idea to have packaging ready.

Of course, if you own anything that’s either got sentimental value or is worth a lot, I’d recommend instead going with my first suggestion and using it to take out a short-term loan instead.


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