Money Saving Tips At Disney World

Money Saving Tips At Disney World

Disney World

James asks about saving tips

Have you got some good food saving tips at Disney World?

Im going for the 12th time in June, the 18th-25th. What are some good small food snacks/drinks to bring for the whole time just to save some money? What are some good food/drink saving tips at Disney World?

Also, whats just money saving tips?

I usually just eat at cheap restauraunts at the parks, but this time I really want some , considering the economy.

Thanks for all the help!

Money Saving Tips At Disney World

Mark answers:

Well like you said eating cheap is key! If you really want to eat a bigger meal have it at lunch it will be cheaper than the dinner prices!

Try to eat a “breakfast” in your room. Like Pop tarts or a banana or apple, this will save you a lot of money!

Carry small snacks for you throughout the day and this will keep you from spending 4$ on a snack that you can carry in and hold you through!

Buy water out side of the parks if you can! This way your not spending 2.50 a bottle when you can get a case for like 4$.

Good snacks I would say are like fruit snacks and granola bars. Things that you can carry with you and not melt/spoil!

If your room has a fridge you can buy string cheese and yogurt and milk and have these in the rooms for breakfast and snacks. You could also get a loaf of bread and peanut butter for sandwiches. Peanut butter will keep you full and this way you can have that “Breakfast” I was talking about!! (this is what I did my last trip and it saved me a lot of money eating yogurt and a slice of bread with peanut butter on it for break fast, then I wasn’t STARVING come lunch and could eat a smaller lunch.

Mary asks…

What is your favorite money saving tip for Disney World?

We are going to Disney World next week and would like some saving tips to consider! This is not our first trip, but it is our first trip where we are on an extremely tight . What is your favorite tip for saving money and still having fun while on a tight budget? We are staying at a hotel that offers free breakfast, so that meal is covered. We are bringing water bottles to save money on buying overpriced sodas at the park. Can I sneak in snacks? We’ll be eating lunch at the theme parks and possibly dinner on some days. I’m interested in knowing some tricks of other budget conscious travelers for meals or otherwise. Thanks!

Money Saving Tips At Disney World

Mark answers:

You can get free ice water at any counter service restaurant. It saves you from carrying around water all day.

When I’ve been on a very tight budget, I’ve even taken a cooler in my car. If you get to the parks early and/or have AAA Diamond parking, you can go out to your car for sandwiches, etc.

Also, here’s a list of free, fun things you can do:

Finally, don’t go to the parks everyday. We often take at least one day to enjoy our hotel swimming pool and go to Downtown Disney and/or visit some of the luxury resorts. You can even ride the monorails for free – they don’t “punch” your ticket until you go into a park.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone have some for a family of 5 going to Disney World for a week?

I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World for a week with my family and would appreciate some money saving tips. I keep getting a total of 2K or more. The lowest total I have gotten to stay in the park was 2K. Is there anything else I could do to help save money as I am looking for quality saving tips.
NOTE: I am in a military family. I am also applying to the Disney Dining Plan.

Money Saving Tips At Disney World

Mark answers:

I believe that those involved previously or currently in the military are able to request a discount at the Shades of Green hotel in Orlando, you might want to ask about it.

As for other saving money tips:
– Bring your breakfast with you. Pack granola bars and other non-perishable morning type items with you. Saves you at least $150 for your whole trip if you’re not going to do the Disney Dining plan.
– Empty that cup of coins. Every household has that jar of spare change. Right before your trip, bring it to a Coinstar machine and cash it in. Use that money for souveneirs, it gives you a budget.
– If your kids are into the Disney pin trading, buy some on Ebay before you go. That way you don’t have to spend $8-12.50 a pop for the pins and your children can trade at their own will with cast members.
– Once again, if you’re not going to use the Disney Dining Plan, eat at more expensive establishments during lunch time. It has a similar menu but the food is for a cheaper price.
– Use Disney’s Magical Express airport transfers if you’re staying on Disney property. It is absolutely free and hassle free.

Donald asks…

Help With planning and Money Saving Tips?

My family and i are planning a trip to disney world this summer. I was wondering if anyone could give us advice for ways to save money and still enjoy our vacation. This will be my first time out of the state and we want to make it special but with the economy thats going to be hard. So again please give me some $ saving tips . Thank you ! it cheaper to fly or drive?

Mark answers:

Its cheaper to drive (usually)

$ saving tips:
-drive vs fly
-stay in an off site hotel vs a disney world hotel
-get a 4 day base ticket vs adding on all the extras like park hopper, water parks fun and more, and no expiration date.
-bring breakfast foods pop tarts or cereal vs eating breakfast out
-bring lunch foods such as pb&j to the parks vs eating lunch in the parks
-bring snack foods such as chips, cheese crakers, granola bars, water bottles, soda to the parks vs buying drinks and snacks at the parks
-eat at quick service (fastfood) restaurants in the parks vs table service (sit down) restaurants in the parks
-limit spending money on souvenirs to a certain amount vs spending an unknown amount

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